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 Vampire Beach: Book six: Hunted

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PostSubject: Vampire Beach: Book six: Hunted   Vampire Beach: Book six: Hunted I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 18, 2010 5:00 pm

Summer is fast approaching in Malibu; the DeVere Heights gang are
looking forward to a hot and steamy summer, and Jason Freeman is
incredibly excited about spending the season with his beautiful
girlfriend Sienna Devereux. The waves are looking brilliant, and Jason
therefore doesn't just have a summer with Sienna to look forward to, but
also an action packed summer of surfing. Life couldn't get much better
right now, and Jason just can't wait for the summer fun to unfold.

Things are going so well in Malibu; disaster soon strikes
though, and it seems as though there's now a vampire hunter on the
loose. Jason's friends keep going missing, and when they return they
have no recollection of what has happened to them. With so many people
reappearing disorientated and confused; something's certainly not quite
right in the area, and the Malibu vampires desperately seek the answers
as to what has been happening to them.So much for Jason's perfect
summer; there are more important things to focus on than surfing right
now, and these strange occurrences in Malibu need to be figured out
fast. Jason is worried about his friends, and it's now time to start
searching for the answers.Jason certainly leads a very troubled
life; these sorts of things need to be expected really when you're
mixing with vampires though, and never are things ever going to be
completely normal when the majority of your friends are vampires."Hunted"
is yet another fantastic novel in the Vampire Beach series, and with
the sixth book in the series, Alex Duval continues to impress with his
words. Hunted' is another supremely fun book to read, and again it's no
easy task putting this one down once you've started reading. The novel
flows well, and as the events unfold; the plot is always completely
gripping here.Once again Jason Freeman faces much trouble in
"Hunted", and again fears for his friends and girlfriend Sienna. He
loves Sienna and hates for bad things to happen to her; thing keep going
wrong in Malibu right now though, and seemingly Sienna and Jason are
never far from danger.Alex Duval really knows how to write a
gripping novel; he's created some fantastic characters with the Vampire
Beach series, and with every book the adventures of Jason Freeman
continue to impress and enthral.

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Vampire Beach: Book six: Hunted
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