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 Vampire Beach: Book five: High Stakes

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PostSubject: Vampire Beach: Book five: High Stakes   Vampire Beach: Book five: High Stakes I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 18, 2010 4:59 pm

Sienna's older sister Paige returns unexpectedly from college in
France, and has an idea that Jason's friends in Malibu very quickly warm
to when suggested. Paige wants to spend spring break in Las Vegas, and excitement builds around high school
at the prospect of doing so. It's going to be a lot of fun, or so they
think; little do they know however that danger lurks just around the
corner.Things are going pretty smoothly in Las Vegas to begin with; it's non-stop party action,
and everyone is thoroughly enjoying themselves. This is a life that
Jason certainly isn't used to, he goes with the flow though, and accepts
the hard partying actions of the Malibu crowd.When Paige's
ex-boyfriend Mark Lessard turns up though, things begin to get a little
messy. Trouble strikes and Sienna goes missing. A deal needs to be made
to get Sienna back, and everything is going horribly wrong in Las Vegas.
What started out so well is quickly turning into a nightmare trip, and
once more Jason's life has taken a horrible turn for the worse.With
the fifth novel in the Vampire Beach series, Alex Duval does as ever
show himself to be an exceptionally talented writer. This is again an
incredibly fun read, and never does the plot disappoint here. Jason
Freeman's life continues to excite, and again bad things are happening
in his life. Things never run too smoothly for long in the life of Jason
Freeman, and High Stakes is another absolute page turner of a novel
from Alex Duval.Paige Devereux is a real bad girl, and the
introduction of this character in High Stakes therefore provides for an
incredibly entertaining read. High Stakes is an action packed novel, and
never here is a dull moment ever provided. Never can you put this novel
down; once you start reading, you have to read on right to the very
end, and even then you're still left wanting for more.

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Vampire Beach: Book five: High Stakes
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