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 Vampire Beach: Book four: Legacy

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PostSubject: Vampire Beach: Book four: Legacy   Mon Oct 18, 2010 4:59 pm

Jason and Sienna are in love; Sienna is a vampire though, and to say
that her parents don't agree with her relationship with a human would be
a gross understatement. Sienna's parents try to stop the pair from
seeing one another, as with any teenage romance though; Sienna and Jason
are desperate to see each other, and attempt to figure out ways to meet
each other in secret.Jason's aunt is a vampire, and provides him
with an option that would change his life forever. If he transforms
into a vampire, she'll provide him with all her wealth and power, and
he'll therefore be free to live an eternal life with Sienna.Jason
and Sienna now have huge decisions to make together; they can have
happiness with one another, but only at the expense of Jason forever
losing his human life by becoming a vampire. Jason now has two options;
to keep his human life and lose Sienna, or become a vampire and live
forever with Sienna. This is a decision that Sienna and Jason must now
make together, keeping in mind the positive and negative consequences of
both options. One way or another; life as they know it is soon going to
change for Jason and Sienna."Legacy" is a very interesting novel
in the Vampire Beach series, and after the troubles and turmoil's of
the two preceding novels; it's interesting to here see Jason's life
threatened from a completely different angle. Rather than vampires being
after him, it's now becoming a vampire that is the threat to Jason's
life. Perhaps the most entertaining read in the whole Vampire Beach
series; "Legacy" really is a very well written novel, and always here
Alex Duval's words have a lot to offer. The novel is full of life, and
the activities of Jason Freeman are always here really very satisfying
to read about.


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Vampire Beach: Book four: Legacy
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