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 Vampire Beach: Book three: Ritual

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PostSubject: Vampire Beach: Book three: Ritual   Vampire Beach: Book three: Ritual I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 18, 2010 4:58 pm

Jason seems to be settling into life quite well right now; he knows
the big secret of DeVere Heights, has a huge love interest in the form
of his high school friend Sienna, and although things did initially
shock him; he's learning to live with it all, and is once more loving
life in DeVere Heights. This is until he gets shot with a crossbow of
course.Wounded by the crossbow; Sienna is now paying Jason more
attention than ever before, and he's really quite liking the fact that
the crossbow wound is bringing the pair of them closer together. The
crossbow attacker's next victim isn't as lucky as Jason though, and
things turn sour when another person is found dead from a crossbow hit
to the heart.Someone is out there with a crossbow, and someone is
causing great havoc in DeVere Heights. Jason's life is at risk, and he
fears for Sienna also. One person has already been killed, and the
killer is still out there on the loose. The crossbow killer needs to be
found and stopped.Jason's life in DeVere Heights seems to be
cursed; every time he thinks he is happy, something happens to change
that. Fate seems to be dictating an unpleasant life for Jason, and
always when he's finding his feet, something seems to strike him which
brings an end to his happiness. Happiness is only ever temporary with
Jason, and the crossbow killer is now the latest in a long line of bad
things to have happened to him since moving to DeVere Heights. In some
ways he loves his life here, but in other respects his life is not going
at all well.As the third book in the Vampire Beach series,
Ritual' works well in sustaining the reader's interest in the series.
The plot is certainly very fun to read, and the latest disturbance to
have hit DeVere Heights comes across incredibly well all throughout the
novel. Alex Duval's words continue to impress here, and the Vampire
Beach series continues to shine as Jason Freeman's life in DeVere
Heights is further explored and terrible things continue to happen

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Vampire Beach: Book three: Ritual
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