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 Vampire Beach: Book one: Bloodlust

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PostSubject: Vampire Beach: Book one: Bloodlust   Vampire Beach: Book one: Bloodlust I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 18, 2010 4:56 pm

The Freeman family has just moved to DeVere Heights in Malibu; for
Jason this therefore means life in a new high school, and he's very
excited to be moving away from his old life. Jason can't wait to start
getting to know people in his new town, what he doesn't yet know however
is that DeVere Heights holds a very dark secret.There are a lot
of rich people living in DeVere Heights, and before he knows it; Jason
is getting invited to all the top parties. Jason loves his new life, and
quickly finds himself falling for the beautiful Sienna. Sienna is not
all she seems though, and this is something that Jason is soon to
discover.Strange things are happening in DeVere Heights, and as
much as Jason tries to ignore what is going on around him; he finds it
very difficult, and is getting quite creeped out by what is going on
around him. Things turn all the stranger when after one of the parties,
the dead body of a girl washes up on the beach, with a bite mark present
on her body.Jason finds out a horrible secret about his new life
in DeVere Heights; this is a place in which vampires exist, and it's
something that is commonly accepted here. Jason now knows Sienna's
secret, and if he can keep it cool now that he knows the truth; perhaps
there's a future for he and Sienna. It's a lot for Jason to take on
board though, and it comes as quite a surprise to the guy who, up until
now, had thought his new life to be completely perfect.The
vampires in DeVere Heights live a pretty normal life; it's certainly
more Twilight than it is classic vampire novel, and this it seems is now
the twenty first century take on vampires. Jason Freeman is the key
protagonist here, but it's the events that take place around him which
make the Bloodlust' novel so interesting.The first in the Vampire
Beach series; Bloodlust' certainly has you wanting to read more, and
thankfully Alex Duval did indeed write more, and there are currently six
Vampire Beach novels out there and available to buy."Bloodlust"
is a real page turner; it's an excellent introduction into life in
DeVere Heights, and the plot progression always here is brilliant.

I just bought it so I'll post my thoughts later.

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Vampire Beach: Book one: Bloodlust
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